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The Direct Care Brief

A concise guide to Direct Primary Care and its transformative impacts on both healthcare providers and consumers. Includes a detailed explanation of the model and how different healthcare entities are benefitting from adoption.

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What You'll Learn

The definition of Direct Primary Care and its transformative potential.

How Direct Primary Care is being adapted by provider organizations of varying sizes and complexity.

Why demand is growing amongst both individual consumers and employer-sponsors.


Understand Direct Primary Care

Direct Primary Care is a fast growing business model that puts doctors back in charge of healthcare.

It achieves tremendous cost savings and efficiencies by removing intermediaries in both care delivery and revenue collection cycles. The result is a model that truly fulfills the quadruple aim, delivering high quality care, at a responsible price, between enthusiastically satisfied patients and providers.

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Yes, the Direct Care Brief is completely free to download and share.

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Discover the Direct Care Model

Learn why forward-thinking doctors, patients, employers and other entities are switching to the Direct Primary Care model.